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Mesmerising Mermaids

I often have more than one project on the go; in fact I have about 8 different creations that I am currently working on. There are four fawns who are almost ready for their debut in my web store, a further 5 dolls and then there is this lovely mermaid who I just finished today. OK, well that was more than 8 works in progress, maybe that’s why I never feel ahead…! Who else can relate?!

Her pastel hair reminds me of Lady Lovely Locks


Now, I have some great news… If all goes to plan, I will be launching my web store before the end of the month! Woo-hoo!! Also, the Woodland Fawn pattern is almost ready for sale, so there’s also that to be excited for! I am just needing to cover the terms and conditions of sale side of things for the patterns, as I want to protect myself – whilst still allowing you to make and sell your creations made from my designs. Once this is sorted, the pattern will be available for purchase.

A teaser image from before she was finally revealed.

Like my creations, but don’t know how to sew? Not only will I have some ready made dolls and fawns available, I will also have limited custom spots available for purchase on launch night. And good news for Afterpay enthusiasts…  I am working on getting this set up for the launch.

I am really excited to share more with you as they are finished!