Terms and Conditions

Terms of Purchase of Custom Items:

Please note that there is a 4 – 6 week turnaround for all custom orders.

Hunny + Bee works closely with you to ensure that all aspects of your custom item are inline with your expectations. As a result, all custom items are non-refundable.


Terms of Use of Sewing Patterns:

By purchasing a Hunny + Bee sewing pattern, you are agreeing to the following terms of use:

The pattern and instructions are protected by copyright, and I am granting you to create items for personal use/gifts and the ability to sell in limited quantities items what you personally make.

You will not falsely represent yourself as the creator of this pattern or instructions. You will credit Hunny + Bee as the source. In no circumstances whatsoever are you to sell the pattern as if it were your own, or imply that you are selling on my behalf.

You must not resell the pattern and instructions. However if you would like to sell the pattern through your website or physical store, you must seek written permission from Hunny + Bee before proceeding and a formal arrangement can be entered into.

You are permitted to make items for personal use for yourself or your own cottage industry business. If you have a cottage industry business with one or more employees, each person making an item from the pattern must purchase a copy of the pattern – or have it purchased on their behalf by their employer. For instance, if one person cuts and one person sews, two copies of the pattern must be purchased; if both cut and both sew, two copies of the pattern must be purchased et cetera. You must not however mass produce quantities of this item for sale. If you are uncertain of your responsibility in this regard, please contact sonia@hunnyandbee.com for further clarification.

You are not permitted to use this pattern in any kind of factory or industrial manufacturing organisation or assembly line setting (not limited to these, but similar scenarios also apply). Manufacturing items using this pattern or using a derivation created from the pattern in this manner is strictly prohibited.

Any advertising or promotion of completed products or offering of an item made with this pattern must provide credit to Hunny + Bee in the description. Some examples may be: “Made with an original Hunny + Bee sewing pattern” “Item crafted using an original Hunny + Bee sewing pattern”. In addition, the listing must include a link to the Hunny + Bee website www.hunnyandbee.com. If you are selling through the online platforms of Facebook or Instagram, you may direct the link to @hunnyandbee via either platform. Other online listings may include (but not are limited to) ebay.com or etsy.com.

If items are being sold in a physical store or marketplace setting, the information must be available to the consumer about the origin of the sewing pattern. This can be done by way of including on the hangtag: Made from a Hunny + Bee sewing pattern.

You are permitted to teach others how to make this pattern eg in a sewing class; however a copy must be purchased for each person participating in the class.

You do not gain any rights in the pattern or instructions other than the limited rights set out in these terms of use. You must not copy, modify, adapt or create derivate works of the pattern or instructions. You must respect the moral rights of the creator of the pattern and instructions.

To the extent permitted by law, Hunny + Bee excludes all liability however arising in relation to the pattern and instructions and these terms of use.