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Christmas in July

Normally, I don’t like to think about Christmas so early… But as the Facebook group Handmade Life is holding a special event for Christmas in July, I decided to join in by creating a new outfit for Ellie and offering her up with her new outfit along with her original outfit plus a special occasion outfit. She will hopefully make someone’s Christmas special!

Ellie is ready for Christmas!

I have been meaning to get around to creating a pair of bloomers for my dolls, and I am happy to say that Ellie’s the one to have it added to her special Christmas outfit.

Bloomin’ cute bloomers!

Spotty and ruffly… Everything that I like them to be! They remind me of a little outfit that my mother made me when I was a little girl. It was made as a part of one of my tap dancing outfits, but I still remember the day that I wore it to school I loved it so much hehe. I wish that I had a photo (we lost so many when our small town flooded in 1998)! There will be a pattern available for the bloomers too once I get around to that…

Ruffled sleeves = love!

Now that I’ve made up one Christmas dress I know that I need to make a few more. There are definitely some Halloween themed outfits on my radar too! So many ideas and such little time to do it all!

I can’t wait to get onto it!

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