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New Doll Pattern Design + A Gift for You

I would like you to meet someone… my latest dolly, her name is Danni. She is very happy to meet with you!

Yesterday afternoon while the children were playing happily with Grandma, I had the overwhelming urge to create a new doll pattern. I feel slightly guilty working on her while I haven’t yet got the last one taken care of, however my muse was in effect and besides that, I really would love to offer to my customers who haven’t sewn a doll before to have a nice and straightforward pattern to ease them into doll making, but still hopefully appeal to those already confident with the craft.

She’s so happy to meet you!

Although she’s almost like the little sister to my other pattern, I will take care to make sure that their clothing items are interchangeable, to help provide you with good value with what you purchase. I will not rule out the idea of exclusive patterns for each doll, however I love the idea of a wardrobe that can be mixed and matched across the styles!


Look at that sweet smiling face!


For now though, here is a quick freebie that I have put together for you, so that you can make your very own hairbow, just like Danni’s! To save it to your computer, right click and ‘Save As’ to download. Make sure to print it at 100% (don’t select ‘fit to screen’) and enjoy!

Dolly Hair Bow Pattern + Tutorial

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. Stunning! I have twin grannies a boy and a girl!

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