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Beautiful Fawn Creations

So far March has been a month of highs and lows in our household. The high comes from seeing the beautiful creations that are being bought to life by my pattern testers. I am so excited when I see their creations being shared with me, and I am so very grateful that they are loaning their time and skills to me to help bring this pattern out to everyone!

The lowest point was having to cancel my long-awaited and longed for Bali holiday with my family (the morning of the day we were due to fly out!), but let’s not dwell too long on that!

Also we were visited by category 2 Tropical Cyclone Marcus…  Oh and I turned a year older. That last one falls about somewhere in the middle of it all… Ha!

So back to the topic of pattern testing… Who wants to see what the team created? I thought that you might! Please see what some of the talented ladies have created:

Credit: D. Perera


Credit: S. Smith


Credit: M. Gordon


Credit: J. Davis

  Credit: M. Woolley


Credit: F. Russell


I am just swooning over these images. Now, if you’re anything like me, seeing these beautiful creations gets you excited thinking about all the cuties that you can create! Except now instead of creating more I’ve got a pattern to revise and work on so it’s ready for you <3

I hope that you’re looking forward to making your own beautiful Woodland Fawn when the pattern is available. I am planning on organising a sew-along too soon after its launch and I would welcome you to join me! The wait shouldn’t be too much longer, I promise x

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